Professional Daycare and Childcare Center in Norfolk, NE

Our daycare opened September 2012. Northern Hills Daycare and Childcare Center features rooms designed to fit the ages of the children we serve. Daycare safety and security and the well being of your child is our top priority. Our daycare has a security system which restricts access to classroom areas. Our facility has a state-of-the-art communication system throughout the building keeping our daycare staff connected at all times.

Our classrooms are spacious, allowing enough room for each child, along with plenty of natural light from the large windows. Northern Hills Child Care Center includes a gymnasium for those days when weather restricts outdoor playtime. Your child will have a place to run and play as if they were outside. The play areas outdoors are age-specific and easily accessible from the building. Daycare drop-off and pick-ups are quick and easy with parking just for daycare customers just steps from the front door.